What every Randonneur (or wannabe) wants for Christmas . . .

I haven’t started my official randonneuring “career” yet (I have however, joined RUSA and the DC Randonneurs) – I plan an early spring start (mainly so I can “train” some for it and get used to the randonneuring bike I built – see previous post). However, I have indeed fallen in love with bicycles in general, and the early constructeurs in particular. I admire their building style, the integrated fashion of the their designs, the functionality and efficiency of the finished bicycles. I have often said, that if I ever won the lottery, I’d by either and Alex Singer or a Rene Herse before I’d buy a car.


Above is a picture of the new Rene Herse book, put out by the editor of Bicycle Quarterly, Jan Heine. My HH (Handsome Hubby) is getting this for me for Christmas, even though it will be delivered a bit later due to production issues. I absolutely cannot wait to see it! According to the website, “The book comprises 424 pages and includes more than 450 illustrations.” I truly anticipate that this will be a book well worth reading and enjoying over and over again.


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