Christmas Light Ride – Cancelled.


I was really looking forward to this ride this evening.  5 or 6 of us were going to go ride around the Hagerstown area and look at the lights.  However, I got an email this morning, and a voice message from the HH saying that it was cancelled due to rain.  Must be impending rain because it hasn’t started yet, but I certainly understand.  Riding in the dark, and the rain, and possibly cold temps might make for an unpleasant evening of bouncing ourselves off the pavement and possibly damaging ourselves and equipment.

Maybe I can still get a ride in after work.  I brought Old Faithful (my late 80’s black Bianchi Axis ‘cross bike – trimmed out with pink h-bar tape, pink water bottle holders, and pink fenders) along with me since she has reflectors on the spokes and reflective stickering as well.  With the 38c tires, she makes a pretty good do-it-all bike – Trails? check. Road? – check.  Fire road? – check. Gravel? – check.  Grass? – check.  She’s also ridiculously comfortable and is a fine example of double butted chromoly steel. 

Anyway – enough about possible rides.  We can dream, right?

*Note – it did rain later – and it was good we weren’t riding in the mess.




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