Pearl Izumi Women’s P.R.O. Insulator Jacket


Pics from Amazon, description quote from Backcountry

“Pearl Izumi gave the Women’s P.R.O. Insulator Jacket light quilted insulation in the front panel and a highly breathable back panel, so you can enjoy ride-friendly warmth just where you need it. A brushed thermal interior assists moisture transfer and a full-length zipper lets you bring in a little cool air when you work up a sweat.”

I purchased my jacket several months ago from Sierra Trading Post, and I really like it.  I thought at first I’d only use it a little, but it has become my go-to jacket for mildly cold days all the way to as cold as it’s been in the DC area.  I have discovered that it works great as an outside layer, and it does what the description says – it breathes!!!  I tend to get really warm on my back, and this jacket just wicks away the sweat and heat really well.  I tend to use a base layer and then a jersey and then this jacket.  I am comfortable and if I need to, I can go over the jacket with one more layer.

As a female, I always like it when manufacturers make their clothes functional and pretty.  I like the little floral accent on the back right shoulder and also in the zip-in area on the arm.  It makes it pretty but not less functional. I own the jacket in the color above, and really like the shade of red – it’s like a really nice anodized red on bike bits, and fulfills the same function – to make the overall whole more appealing. The red zipper area really makes the jacket look very classy and coordinates well with the red collar area.

Something in the jacket’s favor is that it is lightweight.  It doesn’t weigh very much at all, and there sure is a lot of warmth packaged into this fine piece of apparel.  Even though I purchased a women’s xl, it is still fairly light and the fit is excellent – so many times I find that a company’s version of xl is made for really small folks – of which I am not one.  Getting bike clothing to fit is difficult, and Pearl Izumi has a good size range to fit slightly larger women without sacrificing style or function.

One thing that really makes a difference for me is the wrist zips.  Being able to unzip the wrists really helps me regulate my temperature so that I can stay comfortable.  The full front zipper also helps this situation and makes it so that a little unzip = a lot of comfort.  The zippers travel easily without undoing themselves so much that they are an inconvenience.

While the quilting pattern may look pretty, it also fulfills the function of keeping me warm and ventilated.  I really like how the quilting looks and functions – I stay warm, without roasting.

The brushed thermal lining not only helps maintain warmth, but also helps soften the jacket where it impacts your skin, particularly at the neck.  I really like that I can zip this jacket up the whole way and I don’t get the “itchies” around my chin and neck area from the thing rubbing me while I’m trying to move my head.

 Overall, this is an excellent piece of kit, one that I recommend if you do any kind of colder weather clothing.  I have yet to find anything I don’t like about it – heck, it’s even washable in cold water.  I plan to use this piece for some time to come.

Disclaimer – not being paid by PI to push their stuff – just happen to love their jacket.


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