“New” Toy?

So, I needed some parts to fix up my “funky purple bike” – an 87-88 Specialized Sirrus (steel) that was (I think) professionally painted, aftermarket of course. It is mostly a deep blue-purple,with red accents, and somebody got the bright idea to paint a “sunburst” style of color (red with yellow center) under the top tube, down the back of the seat tube, and one other place which escapes me at the moment. (Will post pics later.) The usual parts were needed – wheels, cranks, bottom bracket, seat post, handlebars, etc. I bought the frame with only the headset, so that should tell you that I need to fill in the rest of the necessary places.

I, being the cheap skate that I am, haunt Craigslist like a bad dream, looking for parts and other things that are within my budget. I had been looking for a set of cranks and a bottom bracket for some time, when I found what looked like a pretty good deal over the last week. I emailed through C-list, and promptly heard nothing. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I’m still looking. And then I found what I thought to be a candidate for parts scavenging. A 2007 Schwinn Fastback Sport nearby. I did some research and it really got nice reviews when it came out. Now, I’m really excited about getting the bike. However, I’m afraid I may like it well enough that I won’t want to take parts from it. Oh well – I’ll find out when I ride it. Additionally, the asking price was right, so if I end up using it for a bit, that’s okay too. What’s one more bike, right? At least they don’t eat ‘real’ food.

Anyway, see the pic below to check out the “newest” addition to the herd.


See the nice review here by Bicycling Magazine in their Review section. http://www.bicycling.com/gearfinderProductDetail?gfid=10937
The only negatives I’ve seen/read were that the stock brakes were less than stellar and that the wheel set could be improved. Across the board, people have praised the geometry, solid handling, and upright positioning. I will fill in some more details once I get to take this toy out and ride it.

The Schwinn may end up being a more regular addition to the rotation than I want to admit. I don’t like riding my Madone in harsh weather, and I prefer not to take the Trek 1420 out in it either. And once I get the Specialized built, I doubt that will go in rotten road conditions either – I like the paint job too much!! That leaves me with either the Bianchi Axis or the Fargo for when the roads are less-than-pristine. This bike may fill that hole rather nicely.

I don’t really care for the huge graphics on the top tube, but maybe I can peel those off and it won’t look so bad. I’m thinking of a different color handlebar tape and tires – orange, green, pink? Maybe I’ll just leave it the way it is – stealth is nice, too. Anyway – any opinions on colors to put on it? Leave a message – I’d love to hear from you.


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