C & O Canal 1-8-13

I took the Fargo to work yesterday so I could get a ride in afterwards. When work was finished, I loaded up the bike and went to the Canal for a few hours of riding.

The warm(er) temperatures of yesterday – 48 degrees when I left from Cushwa Basin – had served to thaw the tow path to the point of schlock. My tires, Schwalbe Rapid Rob 2.25″, had enough knob to keep me upright, but the going was slow and sticky. I felt like the bike was sticking to the surface of the tow path.

I rode from Cushwa Basin to Dam 5 and then returned. Not a long ride – about 13 miles or so – but enough that I got to enjoy being outside and get some good exercise. The stickiness of the trail actually increased the effort that it took to pedal forward, so I got an even better workout than usual.

While I was out, I saw the usual assortment of critters – squirrels, chipmunks, and various birds. Something that was of note was actually the 3 pileated woodpeckers that I saw. I always enjoy seeing these large woodpeckers.

Once again, not a long ride, but enough that I got out, got some miles, and got to see the outdoors. That was enough for me.


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