The Nice Folks at Bike Doctor in Frederick

Like many bicyclists, I frequent the local shops. Since there aren’t any in my hometown, I am forced to use shops in the outlying areas. One of my favorite shops has become Bike Doctor in Frederick, MD.

The owner, Brian, and his very competent staff are really awesome folks. They were able to put me on a Fargo last spring at the end of May and I haven’t looked back from traveling the dusty, muddy, beautiful trails of the local area.

Additionally, they are always very helpful and customer oriented. Just the other night, on my way home from the Palisades area of the C & O Canal, I made a quick stop at Bike Doctor because the derailleurs on the Fargo weren’t shifting quite right. James happened to be there when I stopped, and he promptly put the Fargo up on the rack to fix the issues. I don’t think it took him 5 minutes to adjust both back to perfection – just the usual cable stretchy thing that bikes do after they age a little – but still. Prompt, friendly, competent help – I was most pleased!!!

These guys (and gals – Tracey) are super knowledgable too. I’ve purchased lots of parts from these folks. As a matter of fact, a good 1/3 to 1/2 of the parts on the rando bike came from this location or through this location. Whenever I’ve had a question about a part, or usage, or anything, they usually know, or can find, the answers. They can even manufacture small parts – James made me a light bracket one day out of something – and it worked!!!!

Another thing I like about these folks is that they commute to work, and they like vintage rides, or quality new steel bikes that look like vintage rides. I have a soft spot for old steel, or new steel that looks like old steel, and these folks seem to enjoy a huge variety in bikes – old, new, carbon, ti, steel, aluminum – you name it, they’ve either ridden it and know something about it, or know someone who has ridden it.

They’ve also got a cool, new fit machine sitting in the shop, and they’ve been telling me how neat it is. I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks interesting. For those of you who live in Frederick and want a professional fitting, these guys would be my choice – they are knowledgable and certainly understand how bikes work, and really want to see their customers comfortable on a bike.

Anyway – if you need something bike oriented – go check out Frederick Bike Doctor. Knowledgable staff, great products, competent mechanics, and awesome customer service. What more could you ask for?


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