Craft Pro Windstopper Shirt and Pants Base Layer

craft shirt
craft pants

Craft Pro Zero Windstopper® Shirt – Short Sleeve Base Layer and Craft Pro Zero Windstopper Pants Base Layer.

It was windy enough on Sunday afternoon when I went out for a ride that I dug out the Craft Windstopper base layer. I purchased these a few years ago at Campmor, but time has not diminished their effectiveness. I was able to ride on Sunday with the base layer and an Underarmour -style shirt over it with my thermal Pearl Izumi outer jacket, and I was toasty – just shy of being too warm. The Windstopper fabric was quite effective and really kept the wind off the vital parts of my anatomy that were exposed to it and helped to maintain a rather nice core temperature as well. The jersey backing helps to wick away perspiration as well as give you a stretch-to-fit feel. Not too tight, nor is it too loose.

I don’t think this particular model is being made anymore, but in general, the Craft products are good and really do the job when it comes to blocking the wind. I’m not sure what the replacement model for these has been, but I’m certain it’s every bit as good.

These are definitely worth the money if you live where it is windy. I have really come to like mine quite a bit.


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