Snow for bikes- what fun!!!!

Well – what a nice surprise this morning. I awoke to a good inch of snow. School was running on a two hour delay, so I got some extra sleep. The sleep was nice, especially since I’ve managed to contract whatever my students have and have been coughing and blowing my nose for several days now. Worst of all, I managed to give it to the DH and now he is sick, too.

I got inspired to go out on the web and look at snow bike pictures doing what they do best – ride in the snow! I wish mine was here. I’m still eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Origin8 Crawler. I have been out on line looking at pictures, reading reviews, perusing articles, and figuring out (already) how I can upgrade it a bit once it arrives.

I think one upgrade I can see in the near future are the wheels. The bike comes with heavy, generic style rims. I think I can do better with something from Surly – Large Marges or something of that sort. I think the cutouts on the wheels would help a bit to lighten the load of the bike.
I may also change the handlebars. I’m also thinking of a Jeff Jones H bar or an On-One Mary bar for the cockpit.

I can almost guarantee that saddle will go also – in favor of my best-loved selle smp trk saddle. One of my black ones would look pretty good.

I’ve also been trying to figure out fenders for the thing. I will have to ask bunches of questions about that one and see what I can fabricate.

I was also musing about utlilizing a Gates belt drive on this bike. I saw several references to this system being used on similar bikes, so I know it’s not out of the question. I guess I can ask about that too, when it comes in.

See how I am? Rebuilding the bike and I don’t even have it here yet. Oh well – my brain got excited by all the fun pictures on line, and since I couldn’t ride the new toy, I set about customizing it.

Enjoy the snow!! Get out and ride!!!


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