Better well than sick, but . . .

I missed out on all the fun warm bike-riding weather and all the good snow as well. I had 3 days or so of fabulous weather and since I’m still recovering from bronchitis, I chose not to go get sweaty and possibly cool off and get sicker.

That being said, I’ve started seriously thinking about some epic rides I want to do this year. I think I want to do the National Road from Baltimore to the Maryland/PA border. I’m also looking at doing either the entire C & O Canal or the G. A. P. with my sister and one of my other riding partners. I had been considering the Erie Canal, but since my sister is new to bike touring, I think we’d best take it easy the first time. She plans to take her 2011/12 Fargo, aptly named “Green Tea” (Fun Guy Green – according to Salsa) as do I (mine is called Large Marge – after the tires and the Pee Wee Herman story involving a ghostly encounter with a trucker by the same moniker) and our other partner will probably bring her white Miyata 100 that she uses for trails and such. Any of these rides will be fun, so I am looking forward to the planning stages of them.

Anyway – in the midst of winter, I am planning some fun for warmer weather. Helps me stay sane and gives me something fun to look forward too.

Enjoy the weather, before it gets too frigid again.
Go ride Your Bike!!!!


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