1982 Austro-Daimler Puch Mixte or why I like a “girl’s bike”

I have long been a fan of Austro-Daimler (Made by Puch) bicycles. I owned an SL and an Inter 10 for a while and loved both of them. I also briefly owned an AD Michelle mixte for a bit before I sold it to a friend. When said friend wanted to get rid of the bike, I bought it back.

michelle 1a

Borrowed the above image from http://sdbikecommuter.com/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=5&page=33
This bike looks a lot like one I just brought home, with the exception of the handlebars – mine are still flipped over in the original position.

    Specs of the bike

The specs are as follows:
Mixte 20″ Frame
Wheelbase 42.5″
Frame Material – Puch 2700 Chrome-Molybdan
Fork Material – Puch 2500 Alloy Nickel/Carbon Steel
Color – Golden Sand
Lugs – Bocama
Dropouts – Cold-Forged Adjustable
Rims – Weinmann Alloy 27 x 1 1/4
Spokes – Zinc
Hubs – Atom
Front – Lo-flange Q.R. Alloy
Rear – Lo-flange Quick Release Alloy
Tires and Tubes – Semperit 27 X 1/1/4 x 1 1/4 gumwall
Handlebars – Friko alloy Touring Bar Dark Blue Tape
Stem – S. R. Alloy 60mm
Brakes – Weinmann Semi-Automatic Front with hooded levers, center pull rear
Cranks – Nervar Alloy 3 pin
Chainrings – 40/52Freewheel – Maillard 14, 17,21, 26, 32
Derailleurs – Simplex – Front – SXA22 Rear – SX 410 GTP
Shift Levers – Simlpex SX 4192 Stem shifters
Pedasl – Union 630
Thanks to Manfred Fratzl at http://bulgier.net/pics/bike/Catalogs/ for the info that I included here on the specs for the Michelle

I’ve been riding road bikes for a while now and don’t mind the drop bar position – matter of fact, it’s pretty comfortable for me. However, when I started riding my Fargo more, I found that I really enjoyed the upright position that the bike afforded me and found that it was a lot easier on my back and neck. When my friend mentioned she was ready to get rid of the Daimler that I’d sold her, I jumped on the chance. I was fearful of perhaps getting the wrong style of mixte for my purposes, but I headed over to Lovely Bicycle and found that the owner, Velouria, had posted several nice posts about what to look for, how to tell if what you want is what you’re getting, etc. Since my explanation wouldn’t be anywhere near as good, I’ve included the links to her posts below.




After doing a bit of research, I can safely say that my mixte falls into the “touring” classification, with a wheel base of 42 inches. It has more comfortable geometry,lots of room for bigger tires and also fenders and a rear rack. While there aren’t any bottle mounts, that can be remedied. I am contemplating a set of Soma Oxford bars for it in the future. I also have a really nice set of Panaracer Pasela 27 x 1 3/8 tires I plan to move over onto it from another set of rims. The gumwalls will look period and the ride from those tires is pretty awesome. It probably also needs a tune up and perhaps new cables and housings. I already have planned that this spring, once it warms up, I will probably tear the whole bike down and clean/regrease/lube everything that needs it in order to keep it in good operational condition. The paint is nowhere close to perfect, and the rear wheel has been replaced from the original, but other than that, the bike seems pretty much stock in appearance.

I think this bike will make a great transportation bike – I plan to leave the flat pedals on it, and perhaps put a basket on the front to carry whatever I might need. I also have some “grocery basket” kind of things that I might put on it.It might also just be fun to putter around on when I’m having a day where I don’t want to go fast.

I will post more about this later, once I’ve gotten a chance to ride the bike and work with it a bit. I am excited to get this nice bike back again – hopefully the ride quality and other aspects will live up to my expectations.


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