Muddy Fargos – or Wow! I didn’t know they used glue in the mud when they built the C & O Canal

So . . . . last week, my sister and I took our Fargos on Sunday and rode from Cushwa Basin in Williamsport to Fort Frederick, 12 miles up the trail, and back. It was cold – for her – at around 36 or so at 12 when we started. I was quite warm and bundled up – matter of fact, I resembled Linus’s little brother Rerun – with my arms practically straight out from my sides. I used my North Face heavy rain jacket as the outside layer, and this really upped the warmth factor. Sis also bundled up appropriately and was warm.

The real fun came from the trail itself. It was like riding on half-thawed glue. The double track was thawed, the center, not so much. It felt like the tires were sticking to the trail – and maybe they were. Mud flew everywhere with each turn of the cranks. I was most grateful for the big fenders over the big tires. They kept the worst off of me and my gear. What I really need to do is take the bike up to the car wash and clean it – Man! Is it Nasty!!!

I took a slow fall when I steered incorrectly and the tires slid instead of grabbing – thump!! on the grass, at least. Only small mud stains to deal with.

One guy passed us on a non-fendered cross-bike style animal – he was wearing a mud stripe from the bottom of his rear to the top of his shoulders. He didn’t have fenders. 😦

We had fun, but the trip took us twice as long as usual. We got a good workout and also had a nice time outside on a beautiful sunny day.

I never tire of riding the trail – it changes with the season, and the Potomac adds an extra dimension to the ride.


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