Trolls fly by night – or, It’s HERE!!

I was thrilled to get an email on Friday from the nice fellas at Mt. Airy bike pointing out, in graphic photogenic color, that my Troll frame was here and sitting on wheels (not sure if they are my wheels or not, but we’ll find out) and mocked up with a handlebar and seat and stuff.

I was really excited – it looked really good and I am seriously going to like it. A friend has some parts that I can buy pretty cheaply, including a nine-speed cassette and a front shifter/derailleur combo and some tires. I have one Avid BB7 mechanical disc brake for it and need to get another. I have a headset waiting for it, and I also ordered a crankset from Nashbar, plus a bottom bracket. I think I may try my hand at putting the BB in mostly by myself. Hope I don’t screw it up 😦

And speaking of screwing things up . . .
You may recall the AD Michelle mixte that I posted about some time ago. I have ordered new handlebars for it, and also decided to apply some fenders and new brake pads to it as well. All of that went reasonably well, but the 30-some-odd-year-old derailleur decided to give it up. So, now I need to fix/replace that with something else a bit better. I may have something I can use laying in the parts pile. We’ll have to see. I plan to use this bike to go riding with my mom. She really seems interested in doing some miles this summer.

I’ve been staying inside to ride lately – I’m still trying to get over the upper respiratory thing I’ve had. I feel like every tinme I go out to ride, I make it worse. so . . . the better part of valor has been to ride the inside trainer. It’s boring – but I’ve been fighting back with movies and music. I really want to go out and ride the green rando bike, since I haven’t ridden it since it came back from being repaired, but I guess I’ll have a to wait until I’m 100% better.

Anyway – go out and ride – it’s sunny here!!


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