Vulturous Velocity on a Phine and Pheasant evening.

So, last night as I was pedaling around my usual 10-12 mile loop, I scared up a vulture from his “snack, which was located alongside the road in a black plastic bag.  The meal the vulture was consuming was an old, nasty deer carcass in a bag that someone had thrown over the side back in the winter.  The vulture wasn’t the first to gorge from that carcass – I had startled a hawk away from that bag several weeks ago.  By now, however, with the warmer weather, the carcass had really begun to smell disgusting. 

As I road past it, the bird flew up with a great whoosh of wing feathers, coming to roost in  a nearby tree, eyeing me with irritation as I pedaled by the site.  I didn’t bother to look back to see if he came back to eat some more.

I also saw a pheasant last night while out riding.  It was the first one I had seen in several years, since they have become pretty scarce in my area.  It appeared to be a young bird, as the coloring was a bit diluted looking and pale.  No, it was not a hen, since hen pheasants have almost no color to them. I was glad to see him as he strutted across the road. 

The bird life in the area is nice to see, especially after a long and cold winter.

Now go ride your bike!!!


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