The new saddle, or the one that almost wasn’t

selle saddle

Well, I thought I’d seen most everything that could be done to a package that has been delivered by UPS, FedEx, or the USPS.  I was in for a bit of a treat, then, considering that I was pretty sure I’d seen it all.

I ordered the above saddle from Pro Bike Kit, across the pond in England, because they offered an insanely good price on one of my favorite saddles and they offered free shipping.  What’s not to like?

So, I ponied up the money – $57 or so US dollars – on 12-17-13, and sat back to wait.  I found in the web site that about 10 days should get it done, so I thought it would make a dandy Christmas present to me. 

Christmas came and went and so did New Year’s – with no saddle.  Another few days passed – no saddle.  I was starting to worry.  I had sent an inquiry to the company, and they said to wait a month before getting to wound up about it.   

On 1-9-14, I went to get the mail, and the husband went in to actually physically fetch it.  He came back out in a bit of a hurry, saying, “You need to come in and look at this to make sure it’s all there.”  I shot him an odd look – I had no idea what this could be – simply because I was expecting the saddle at the house, not the P.O. box.  I went in – and sure enough, there was a box from Pro Bike Kit, inside a clear plastic bag, with stuff falling out of the ripped exterior.

The box looked like Godzilla had gotten hold of it and just ripped into it.  The one whole  corner was gone, and the rest of the box was mashed and shredded.  The little plastic airbags were falling out of it, and saddle, all the way in one corner, was hidden under the mess of cardboard. 

I dug into the box, gently removed the saddle, which was in its own plastic bag, to find that the saddle itself was fine.  the cardboard hang tag was soaked and no longer intact. 

Wow – I didn’t know you could mangle a box that badly and not hurt the actual product, but it appears this is so.  I doubt I will use this company again, even if their prices are that good.  The saddle itself is okay, it is now mounted on its intended bike, and I really like it.


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