It’s been a while –

and boy, has it been busy at the bike shed.

Where to begin?

Well, for starters, after the doctor ordered me not to ride for a while in my last post, I was somewhat grounded. So I scraped together parts for the Mukluk frame I’d had hiding in the shed all winter, got it ready to go, and took it in to the shop in April. I got it back in June, and have been joyfully riding it. I love teh fun looks I get, the “How big are those tires, anyway?” and the jealous looks I get from people who know what they are! I even had some policemen pointing at my bike as I drove through town one day. Entertaining!!!

Then another addition to the fleet – I got a really good deal on a Long Haul Trucker frame (Surly number 3), got parts, and had that built before my favorite bike shop closed up. Trucker is army olive green – 2009 vintage I think. In excellent condition too – picked it up down in DC from a guy who had bought an Atlantis and moved over the parts.

Finally – I picked up a 1985 – I think – Raleigh Tamarack Mountain Tourer – why? It’s one of the early attempts at 650b integration. Got a good price and brought it home. It’s in pretty good shape, no really big scratches, no dents. However, it came with a seatpost that is two sizes too small, and beautiful tires that were too big. So, bought new tires, and am going to trade the others for something else. I wish the Continental Town and Country tires that were on that bike hadnot been so large – they ride beautifully!!! Also am going to get it a new seatpost that fits, different handlebars with new cables/housings and put fenders on it – it will be a fun cruiser!!!

I didn’t get to go on my long bike ride to my friend’s house this summer – the surgery rather prevented me from training the way I neede to, and the arm wasn’t strong enough for long, continuous brake work down the sides of mountains. It’s better – much better – now, but I still have some work to do with it.

Been doing some riding with several people over the summer and early fall. Lots of fun short trips and in general, good fun has been had by all. Most recently, I did the Seagull Century with 6,000+ other riders.

I am looking forward to a good fall season and a fun winter on the Mukluk. Enjoy the leaves, color, and beautiful fall weather.