My bikes

Over the years I’ve ridden a lot of bikes. Sadly, I didn’t think to take pictures of many of them, just because I never got around to it, or didn’t have a reliable camera that I could use. I will try to put a reasonable list of bikes I’ve ridden here, with some comments.

First Road bike ever – a late 80’s – early 90’s Bianchi Campione d’Italia 12 speed, gotten off craigslist. Typical Celeste color, lightweight and tons of fun. Got it to ride in my first longer distance ride – Wounded Warrior project to DC. Liked the bike a lot – rode it for a while, traded it for something else.

Giant OCR2 –

This was my first aluminum road bike, in a size small. It was really stiff, and climbed hills well as I recall. However, I probably should have been on a medium, and so rode this for about 1.5 years before trading it for something else. The colors were okay, but not terrbily inspiring.

Ted Wojcik Road frame – early 90’s, I think.
Awesome steel frame, carbon Bianchi fork. Metallic raspberry pink with yellow decals. Trimmed in yellow. Criagslist find. Great bike – tig welded frame. It was a little large, but I liked it and rode it for a while. Traded it for a Gunnar Roadie.

Gunnar Roadie – One of the best riding bikes I’ve had. Kept this one for a long time. Finally decided I didn’t need it and my Madone and sent it on its way. Traded it and the Miyata 700GT for my Surly Troll.

Miyata 512 – 1988. Gold and dark yellow, this bike was one of the first Miyatas I ever owned. With Biopace chainrings, triple butted frame, and a 14-speed drive train this bike was quick, fun, and great on the road. Very little road vibration got through the frame, and it was a lively, nimble ride. I never tired of riding it and really enjoyed it very much. I trade this to a friend who needed a good bike for transportation purposes.

Shogun 1000 – dark blue, cream head badge area. Too big forme, but still . . . I had this one early on – the bike was beautiful, and quick for a loaded tourer. It was at least 1 -2 sizes too large, but it was a fun ride. Sadly, not knowing what I had, I traded it. It was the idea of missing this bike that had me looking for, and purchasing, a bike like the Centurion Pro Tour 15.

Miyata GT – 1992. Dark green, this bike caught my attention and held it for a long time. Dressed in full components for a loaded tourer, the bike was fully capable of carrying a lot of stuff and me. Although I liked it, it was never lively -it always felt rather dead. It handled roads well, and was stable, but was not my first choice of a rider.


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