1983 Centurion Pro Tour

Early this past fall, I acquired a used Centurion Pro Tour cheaply on one of the local Craigslists.

This one is not mine, but is very similar to the condition in which my bike was procured.

initial purchase centurion

The big differences were that the rear wheel was not the original 40 spoke rear, and mine had black handlebar tape. 

Mine is a 54cm measurement, and fits pretty well.  I decided I wanted to make some changes to it, so I set about upgrading.

Originally, it came with a 5 speed rear and half-step gearing.  I kept the crank, maintaining the half-step gearing, but changed the shifters and rear free wheel to a 7 speed, operated by RSX STI shifters.  It also got a new saddle, silver plastic fenders, a new wheel set, brakes and brake shoes, rear rack, and front rack.  The rear rack is a period-appropriate Blackburn silver aluminum rack. The front rack is a silver Velo Orange Porteur rack – it looks really nice with the medium blue metallic paint and other silver/chrome bits.  I substituted some different handlebars – they are an anatomic bend, not the original bars, as the originals weren’t wide enough.  Holding the bars to head tube is a converter so that I could use a stem, not a quill, to hold the bars and get them into the position I wanted. I went with Salsa grey handlebar tape and Jagwire ice grey cables.  The bike is also sporting brand new Panaracer Tour Guard 27 1 1/4″ tires.  I tried 700c, but they unfortunately did not want to fit where the cantilevers were hitting. Additionally, the chrome on this nice old bike is still very much intact, and so if I ever want to go completely shiny, I can 🙂 . 

I have gotten to take it out once since the build, and it is really nice.  The frame is Tange Champion 2 and has that famed, Steel ride, springy without giving away all the nice road vibe absorbing qualities that I love. 

I plan to use this bike as a tourer, light or loaded, and as my grocery getter and around-town runner.  A very comfortable ride and well worth having it rebuilt.

Props to the nice folks at Hub City for getting this one up and running.  They do fabulous work, and restoration is not beyond their understanding.

I will post follow-up pics when I can get to the shed.