Terry Chrom


Back in the summer, I found a cute, little Terry Chrom in Frederick, Md. Although not my size, it was a really good price and I thought I’d do some TLC and then sell it. However, my Mom rode it once and bought it from me, so those plans never materialized.

Some time later, another one showed up on the same list. This one, however, was in my size (53-54) and looks like the one in the above picture. Screaming pink, white decals. It will have white tires and saddle as well, when I’m finished. I bought it mainly because I didn’t have a nice steel 12-speed in the stable at the moment, and I have always wanted a Terry bike.

Nice Tange 1 tubing and Shimano 105 components. Although it is an older bike, I don’t think it has more than 50 miles on it. The stock Continental tires – dry-rotted and flat – still had the nubs on them and looked brand new, excepting above dry-rot. 1 or 2 scratches on the frame.

Nice springy ride even on not-so-good tires. I also bought it some bright and fun, mulit-color anodized butterfly bottle holders. 🙂