Salsa Mukluk – Woo Hoo

mukluk frame

Last winter I was really into the Fat bike idea. I was even going to pull the trigger on the Origin-8 Crawler as my choice for a Fat Bike. Well, a furnace, $5,000 later, and other stuff, and that just didn’t happen. The $$$$ just weren’t there, and I figured that there was no way I’d get to that for quite a while.

Time passes . . . .

Fast Forward to July or so this summer. Craigslist – one more time – is my friend. A guy down in Burke, VA, put a mukluk frame up for sale. I looked at it for a while – 3 -4 weeks. I kept putting off going to see it. It was my size – Point 1. He wasn’t asking for the moon – Point 2. It was well within pickup range, so now shipping – Point 3. What’s not to like?!!?!?!?

So, of course I went to have a look. It was the blue one from 2011-2012. I liked this one better than the others from that company, except the black-and-purple one they also had. (I’ve never been much for white, certain ugly shades of green aren’t welcome in my stable, and I’m not terribly partial to red. If it meant getting a fat bike, I’d have put up with it, but . . . )

The frame was in excellent shape – one or two small scuffs and nothing else. He had built it for his wife, who didn’t like it, and then tore it down. He left the blue Chris King headset on it, and the blue seat collar. I gave him $$$, and walked away happy.

So all summer and fall I’ve been accumulating parts. I have the shifters, front and rear der, front wheel, seat post, rim strips, inner tubes ( not cheap!!!) and cassette. I need a rear wheel, seat, tires, crank, grips, stem, spacers, and handlebar. I may not have it ready until spring, but I’ll just have to get over myself. I can’t dump money on it all at once. 😦

Surprisingly enough, the husband even liked the color. His comment was actually something like, “That’s a pretty color and a nice decal job.” I was surprised – normally I get – “It’s another bike.”

So, the Fat bike is a work-in-progress. I will at least have it for next winter, and all of spring, and summer, I hope. Gotta say, the wheel-set dollars are killing me – man, are those things expensive!!!! The crank won’t be cheap either – I have some choices there, but don’t know which direction to go yet.

I actually am doing some extra work, to make extra money, to put the Fat bike on the road. It’s worth it, but it is just soooo slow. Saving the money for the parts takes time. Haven’t been able to score wheels or cranks on C-list, so I will have to purchase them new.

So . . . I will put out an update when I get this project a little further along. If you have suggestions about handlebars, or tires, or cranks, leave me a comment – I’d love to hear your point of view.

UPDATE – Now have a front Surly wheel for the Muk.  Planning to get the rear wheel fairly soon – thinking about a Truvative crank.  Probably will go with the newest Jones bars for steering – go check out Jeff Jones site -you’ll see them. The ones that aren’t the loop or the “H” bars. Progress is slow, but making it.