No biking allowed


So – last winter, around Super Bowl Sunday, I took one of my many toys down a fairly steep hill, only to find the brakes weren’t any good.  I didn’t crash the (then new) bike, but  I tore the tendons in my elbow in the process of braking the bike.  I fooled with the elbow for most of a year, with various tries at curing, and finally ended up having surgery on Feb. 6, 2014. 

The nice doctor says no outdoor biking until probably June. 😦  The good news is I can ride the trainer and not lose my mind!!! 🙂  thankfully I am healing well and looking forward to the nice weather ahead, but there have been several days where I would have willingly suited up and gone riding, if the arm were up to the task.

So while my season won’t start until later in the spring,  I will at least have a season. I will hopefully make up for it on the trainer, watching movies.

Go ride some miles for me!!!